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Alghero, small Sardinian pearl, is known as the Catalan city of Italy, the “Barceloneta de Sardegna” . It recalls Catalonia for its architectural and urban details and for the Catalan language spoken by its inhabitants, manifestation of a sense of belonging and sharing with the native land, which still exists today.
The same language is spoken by its city walls, its architecture, churches and ancient buildings. The sunset  in Alghero is a unique moment, as well as the stroll in the seafront. The Coral Coast offers amazing beaches, inlets and rocky promontories that form an unforgettable landscape for those who want to visit these breathtaking places.  

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Its beaches are very famous. The evocative atmosphere, the chromatic colours of its landscape, overawed by the beautiful castle are the ideal scenery for a special wedding.
Between narrow streets and steep steps, you can admire pastel colour buildings and one of the most beautiful churches in Sardinia: Sant'Antonio Abate Co-Cathedral, situated in a panoramic position, sheer drop to the sea. Built at the beginning of the XVIth century, in a Catalan Gothic and Renaissance style.

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Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda

Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu, a 5-star hotel, member of the prestigious brand “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”, is a natural fjord situated among high granite rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. It is located on the north-east coast of Sardinia, about 2.5 miles from Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda, and 21 miles from Olbia airport.

The hotel is situated in Poltu Quatu. This small village recalls the typical structure of the fishermen villages. Its harbour, embellished by a circular square, offers enchanting side streets and white buildings sheltered behind a wonderful granite, where the cliffs plunge directly into the crystal clear sea Its colours and smells are typical of Mediterranean vegetation.

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In the south-west of Sardinia, The Sulcis-Iglesiente area is the heart of this wonderful, sun-kissed and wind-kissed region. Its most important elements are: flavours from the sea and from the land that need to be tasted, traces of old and fascinating civilizations and traditions, historical villages, warm and hospitable people.

It boasts a green emerald sea stretching approximately 200 km, together with its wild and pristine landscapes. From the amazing Porto Pino dunes to Sant'Antioco Island. From Carloforte Island, famous for its “tuna fishing“ (a performance known world-wide), to the famous Pan di Zucchero.

A magnificent place for an unforgettable wedding.

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A city hanging among sky, soil and sea. The wonderful landscape of Castello, the beautiful bastions and the Roman vestiges are among the most exciting things to visit once you get in Cagliari, a very charming city thanks to its history, culture and landscape. It is the main Sardinian city, with an urban area of about half million inhabitants.
Not far from its long beach, it boasts lagoons and naturalist oasis that are unique in Europe. At dusk, the Saline get a crimson shade. This is the place where elegant pink flamingoes live. In Cagliari there are plenty of amazing historical villas that are perfect for a unique wedding day, bound in an atmosphere from bygone days.

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Capo Spartivento is a promontory situated in south-west Sardinia and it is the eastern boundary of Teulada Gulf. Built in 1866, Capo Spartivento lighthouse is one of the most ancient lighthouses in Sardinia.

Today it is one of the most prestigious and exclusive in the world. It has become a Luxury Guesthouse endowed with 6 suites, enchanting lounge areas and 700 square metres of terraces from which it is possible to enjoy a breath-taking view of the area.
It is the ideal location for an exclusive, elegant and unique wedding.

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The South-West Coast is one of the most surprising places in Sardinia. This is the Sulcis area, the oldest clod in Italy that dates back to 600 million years ago, with its landscape being shaped by the nature and the passing of time.

Long white or golden  beaches alternating with small beaches or jagged cliffs. Centuries-old food, wine, artisan, religious and folkloristic traditions. Timeless emotions and new discoveries.

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The southern coast of Sardinia distinguishes itself for its pristine landscape. Emeral-green sea, golden sands, granite pebbles and cliffs transform this place into an amazing setting. Villasimius is a unique place in the Mediterranean area: sun, sea, luxuriant vegetation, white sand...all these elements have created a wild and uncontaminated paradise.

It is the ideal destination for foreigners who are looking for a pristine place and a crystal clear sea to celebrate their wedding.

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